About Us

In 2011, MythCoders founder Justin Adkins was in his bedroom in Somerset, OH working on Windows Phone apps. Back then, things were published under the name Adkins Software Development.

Later on, Justin decided the company needed a shorter and catchier name. After taking mythology at Sheridan High School he maintained a strong fascination with Greek Gods and Goddesses; Since he had already adopted the practice of giving projects codenames (such as Athena and Aphrodite) he embraced his inner nerd.

With that, MythCoders was born!

Over the next year, MythCoders began offering website design and development for our local clients. We even expanded into the central Ohio region!

Since then, we've worked hard to offer a wide variety of technical products and solutions that are easy to use. We pride ourselves on our prices and solutions that are specifically designed with our client's budget in mind.