PC Diagnosis and Repair support for all your devices and software

From Windows to iOS, we can support all types of Operating Systems. Laptops? Desktops? What about tablets? Not a problem, we service all devices!
Accidents happen. And unfortunately, so do viruses. When we clean your PC, we'll take steps to ensure you're better protected. Saving you time and money.
Worried your device may be at risk? We'll evaluate your device and implement appropriate measures. It's always better to plug into a network with protection on.

What you're getting with us

Our team has over a decade of experience working in computer repair. You better believe that MythCoders can take care of any technical issues you have, and at the lowest price.

What Makes Us Different?

There are a lot of computer repair companies out there, but there’s none like MythCoders. Whether we’re working with a single client or a Fortune 500 company, everyone is treated the same by our professional and courteous staff. We believe in people over profit.

Can’t come to us? No worries, we’ll come to you! We offer a mobile fleet of technicians. No longer will you need to unhook your desktop and bring it in.

Our Mobile Fleet is free within 10 miles of our building. $0.60 per-mile thereafter.

Installation and Repairs Flat or Hourly Rate
Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, iTunes, etc.
RAM, Case Fan, or other peripheral
Memory, keyboards, mice, video cameras.
General repair
Our general rate for repair on things like tablets, smartphones, etc.
Storage, power supply, or optical device
Hard drives, solid state, CD, DVD, etc.
Operating System
Windows 7, 10, macOS, Linux. License for OS purchased separately.
Data backup and recovery
internal or external hard drives, disks, etc.
Only motherboard, all other components must be compatible.
Don't worry, we'll bring the thermal paste.
Slow computers, virus/malware removal and protection
Wireless and Wired Networks
Installation $75/hr
Support and Maintenance $50/hr
Computer Building
Regular PC
Parts sold separately.
Gaming PC
Liquid cooling systems, multiple graphic cards. Parts sold separately.