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An all-in-one solution for your campaign or businesses contact management, financial accounting, and communication needs.

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Custom Software Development

Rather than trying to adapt to software that's already on the market we can build something that works to your needs.

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Sign Junkie

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Worthington Noon Lions Club

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Sharon Memorial Hall

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Sharon Township

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Newby for Congress

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Adkins for Ohio

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About Us

Our legend begins in 2011 when founder Justin Adkins started tinkering and publishing apps for the Windows Phone platform as Adkins Software Development.

Eventually, a friend suggested that the company needed a shorter and catchier name. Since taking mythology in high School, Justin maintained a strong fascination with the Greek Gods and Goddesses; He even had adopted the practice of giving projects Greek codenames (e.g. Ares, Hephaestus, etc.) He decided to embrace his inner nerd; With that, MythCoders was born!

To this day, MythCoders continues to be a one-man band.

"I promise you this. Win or Lose, when I finish this election process, you will have no greater supporter of your software product and outstanding follow up than me. Paul Revere never made as much noise as I will."

Mark Sigrist Candidate and Hubbler

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